AI-Assisted Dealership CMS for independent used car dealers.

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Meet our AI FireCompare

Our FireCompare technology rapid-fire's AI-powered creation of comparison pages on your own existing inventory - in turn increasing customer knowledge, search engine visibility, and more. How does it work?

Drive Leads With Ease

Drive leads in with:

  • Sense of urgency (vehicle view count included in all plans)
  • Easy Lead Capture streamlines test drive requests and contact forms, providing key information without overwhelming the prospective buyer with excessive questions.
  • AI-generated SEO pages: Our "FireCompare" tech automatically creates comparison pages for similar vehicles in your inventory, saving you money on expensive marketing services.

Ready to light your dealership on fire without burning it down?

Inventory Management Simplified

Streamline your dealership's inventory management with our easy-to-use tools:

  • Export your inventory as a csv file at anytime.
  • VIN Decode: Enter your vin on your vehicle info page, click "decode", and watch as your vehicle info auto-populates
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated inventory management with our cutting-edge technology.

Websites That Shine

In today's digital age, having a website that stands out is crucial for the success of your dealership. That's why we offer stunning website designs that will elevate your online presence. Our team of expert designers will work with you to create a website that truly represents your dealership and appeals to your target market. From easy lead capture forms to AI-generated SEO pages, our platform is designed to help you run your dealership more efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional website development and take your dealership to the next level with our innovative solutions.

Automatic Inventory Sync. Everyday.

Vehicle listings on Google

If you're a used car dealer looking to reach more customers effortlessly, Google's Vehicle Listings is the answer. Our CMS automatically syncs your inventory, making it a completely hands-off experience. With Vehicle Listings on Google, you can focus on selling cars while we increase your dealerships visibility.

Website Access

Looking for edit access to your own website? We're as surprised as you that this isn't a more standard practice. Use a simple drag and drop builder to build custom pages for events, specials, and more. The best part? We'll walk you through it.

Upcoming No-Cost Features

You're here early, here's what's coming up at no additional cost

As we continue to rollout new features, our prices are subject to increases in the future. However, when you start with us early, your pricing¬†will not increase as we continue to increase our platforms’ functionality and offerings! Welcome to the “early-bird special!” *

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